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Family Kites

What makes you smile?

Seeing the family playing together at the park or the beach and flying kites!

Here are some kites that are easy to work with, fun for family outings.


  • Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    $283.50 Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    Premier F Stop - 170" F-stop kites are shaped like the aperture of a camera.  170" diameter rotating "aperture" that opens in the wind. Strong pulling, a secure ground anchor is required with 500# line for tether...

  • Prism Micron 5 Stack
    $325.00 $279.95 Prism Micron 5 Stack
    Micron 5-Stack What could be better than the smallest, fastest little sport kite this side of the Milky Way? How about five of them! Our popular Micron sport kite in a colorful 5-stack comes pre-assembled and rigged in...