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Single Line Kites

Single Line Kites

  • George Peters Pterosaur Kite
    $275.00 George Peters Pterosaur Kite
    In the sky, George Peters’ dinosaur really comes to life with a slow soaring flight and a glancing eye as if searching the ground for dinner. In light winds, the Pterosaur’s gliding flight is surprisingly...

  • Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    $283.50 Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    Premier F Stop - 170" F-stop kites are shaped like the aperture of a camera.  170" diameter rotating "aperture" that opens in the wind. Strong pulling, a secure ground anchor is required with 500# line for tether...

  • Mega Sled 81 - White
    $315.00 Premier Mega Power Sled 81 White
    Premier Jumbo Power Sled 81 - White Premier builds some of the finest Single line kites available for the commercial market.  The Mega Power Sleds are no exemption.  Very stable, great to use as a...