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Family Kites

What makes you smile?

Seeing the family playing together at the park or the beach and flying kites!

Here are some kites that are easy to work with, fun for family outings.


  • HQ Horvath Hybrid 200
    $180.00 HQ Horvath Hybrid 200
    Horvath Hybrid 200 For Indoor and Outdoor fun! Simply ingenious or ingeniously simple describe the designs by Swiss kite designer Thomas K. Horvath who currently lives and works in Zurich. While working on his degree in...

  • Premier Pterodactyl
    $210.00 $198.95 Premier Pterodactyl
    Premier Black Wing Pterodactyl From the masterful mind of Carsten Domann comes the unique Pterodactyl. This prehistoric predator has great presence in the sky with a huge 11 foot wingspan. Its 3-dimensional body and tail...

  • Premier Wolf NG
    $168.00 $160.00 Choose Options Premier Wolf NG
    Premier Wolf NG Next Generation Designed by the team of Jon Trennepohl and Wayne Brunjes, the Premier Wolf dual line sport kite is the second in the Premier Spider series. This kite comes RTF with 150lb test spectra...

  • Skydog Sweet Emotion - Red/Black/White
    $180.00 $175.00 Skydog Sweet Emotion - Red/Black/White
    Skydog Sweet Emotion   Most experienced fliers pick up the lines of a new Sport Kite and begin flying it around like the kite they are used to flying. If they can't do the tricks as well as they can do on...