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Family Kites

What makes you smile?

Seeing the family playing together at the park or the beach and flying kites!

Here are some kites that are easy to work with, fun for family outings.


  • HQ Horvath Hybrid 240
    $300.00 HQ Horvath Hybrid 240
    Horvath Hybrid 240 For Indoor and Outdoor fun! Simply ingenious or ingeniously simple describe the designs by Swiss kite designer Thomas K. Horvath who currently lives and works in Zurich. While working on his degree in...

  • Prism Nexus 5 Stack
    $400.00 $349.95 Prism Nexus 5 Stack
    Prism Nexus 5 Stack If you have some inner, unfulfilled need to impress a crowd, the Nexus 5-stack is the big show in a small package that’s guaranteed to dominate the beach. Of course, in a breeze you’ll be...