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Quad Line Kites

Quad line kite: A kite flown with 4 lines attached

The Quad Line Sport kite that started a Revolution!

The most maneuverable and versatile sport kite available! Revolution kites utilize a four line control system that gives you the ability to fly forward, backward, sideways, speed up or slow down, and even come to a complete stop, hovering in mid-air like a helicopter.

Utilizing these unique characteristics, pilots can fly just about anywhere, individually, formation flying with other fliers, or even National competition!

The Kite Shoppe is proud to join Revolution and Kitelife as sponsors of the iQuad team!

  • Revolution 1.5 B Series Vented Kite Only - NEW
    $299.00 $275.00 Choose Options Revolution 1.5 B Series Vented Kite Only - NEW
    Revolution 1.5 Barresi Signature Series Vented Kite Only: Kite, Sleeve and 4 Wrap Frame ------The John Barresi Signature Series Vented model is the a necessary tool for any hard core precision or competition flier... In...