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Quad Line Kites

Quad line kite: A kite flown with 4 lines attached

The Quad Line Sport kite that started a Revolution!

The most maneuverable and versatile sport kite available! Revolution kites utilize a four line control system that gives you the ability to fly forward, backward, sideways, speed up or slow down, and even come to a complete stop, hovering in mid-air like a helicopter.

Utilizing these unique characteristics, pilots can fly just about anywhere, individually, formation flying with other fliers, or even National competition!

The Kite Shoppe is proud to join Revolution and Kitelife as sponsors of the iQuad team!

  • Indoor Quad Breeze
    $320.00 Choose Options Indoor Quad Breeze
    Indoor Custom made Quad - Breeze Specs:Skill Level: Intermediate/AdvancedWind Range: 0 to 1 mphWing Span: 81 inchesHeight: 27 inchesFrame: Skyshark P90Sail Material: Icarex PolyesterFlying Lines: LPG 90# x 10' recommended...

  • Rev New York Minute -  Kite Only - 3 Vent Blue
    $320.00 Rev New York Minute - Kite Only - 3 Vent Blue
    New! Smooth, sweet, precision and accuracy at its finest! An exciting new look with a 25 panel sail, new logo and a folded "No Fray" leading edge, this is the smoothest flying sail yet! Built with the best American made, new...

  • Revolution Reflex 1.5 Classic
    $340.00 Choose Options Revolution Reflex 1.5 Classic
    REFLEX  CLASSIC  1.5     ( Classic pattern)  Reflex Technology    Icarex polyester Rip-stop.  New “No Fray” Leading Edge, and wear strips. Structure: UL...

  • Sky Burner Fulcrum
    $325.00 Choose Options Sky Burner Fulcrum
    The Fulcrum is the turning point in sport-kite design, bringing together the worlds of quad-line and advanced dual-line kites like never before. The Fulcrum is beautifully designed as a progressive high-performance...