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Single Line Kites

Single Line Kites

  • George Peters Pterosaur Kite
    $275.00 George Peters Pterosaur Kite
    In the sky, George Peters’ dinosaur really comes to life with a slow soaring flight and a glancing eye as if searching the ground for dinner. In light winds, the Pterosaur’s gliding flight is surprisingly...

  • HQ Horvath Hybrid 240
    $300.00 HQ Horvath Hybrid 240
    Horvath Hybrid 240 For Indoor and Outdoor fun! Simply ingenious or ingeniously simple describe the designs by Swiss kite designer Thomas K. Horvath who currently lives and works in Zurich. While working on his degree in...

  • Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    $283.50 Premier F Stop - 170" Tecmo
    Premier F Stop - 170" F-stop kites are shaped like the aperture of a camera.  170" diameter rotating "aperture" that opens in the wind. Strong pulling, a secure ground anchor is required with 500# line for tether...